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  • Features: Auto 6 & 12 Volt (1.0 amp)
  • Has ISO plug which suits most standard leads/chargers
  • Fused clip on lead set included.
  • Plug in and forget
  • Maintains full charge
  • Will not overcharge
  • Spark proof
  • Overload/short circuit protection
  • Charging Current 1Amp. Good output for charging smaller batteries and maintaining all batteries
including larger batteries with low parasitic loads
  • Uses Microprosessor to "communicate" with battery to maximize a safe charge input
  • Bulk Charge Voltage 14.8V Max Will safely and fully charge all lead acid battery types including AGM and Gel - WITHOUT OVERCHARGING !
  • Input Voltage Range 240V A/C Standard Voltage
  • Low Voltage Start Up 3.5V Starts charging batteries as low as 3.5V OCV
  • Float Voltage 13.2V Will properly maintain ANY BATTERY CHEMISTRY via constant communication between battery and charger.
  • Auto -"ON" Yes.  No need to turn on. Just connect and plug in - wait for green light - Done! "No Connection" & Reverse
  • Connection LED Feature Yes
  • LED on user interface ensures that valuable time will be spent actually charging the battery not wasting time due to a weak or bad connection to battery.

**Charges Battery Types…

  1. Standard Lead Acid Yes
  2. Gel Yes Charges and maintains all lead acid battery types
  3. AGM Yes
  4. Sulfated Battery Recovery Yes
  5. As part of MOTOBATT's 3 Stage Charge Process - the Charge Pulse and Recovery modes team up to "Revive" sulfated batteries without battery damage
  • "Bad Battery" Test Indication Yes - Initial "Qualification" and ending "Check" phases
  • Ends wasted time - Allows end user to know if battery is good prior to recharging and does a double check at the end
  • 3 Stage Charging Process measures Voltage and Amperage Simultaneously for increased charge speed, depth, efficiency and accuracy
  • High Impact Plastic Housing.  Safe, Durable, Corrosion and Acid and Shock Resistant as compared to older design metal housing
  • 3 LED User Interface. Easy to use and understand charge process position
  • Optionally Available with 25'
**Extension leads in box. Flexible user options
**Spark Proof. Will not spark and scare user or increase risk of explosion.  Connector leads available on request. Maintains all lead acid batteries. 


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